"Reconnect" is a speculative branding project proposed as a platform for embracing human imperfection in the near future. Utilizing tailored sensory injections, "Reconnect" invites individuals to immersive experiences that celebrate the imperfectly perfect aspects of humanity, fostering a profound appreciation for the beauty in our flaws.

Blender / Adobe Premiere

March 2024

In 2045, advanced technologies propelled society toward a relentless pursuit of perfection. "Reconnect," a speculative brand, is proposed as a platform for embracing human imperfection. Offering seven strains of dreamcore-style sensory experiences, each represents different aspects of imperfection that individuals often wish to erase. These strains deliver distinct experiences through an injection into any of the remaining human five senses[Image02, injector], inviting people to embrace the uniqueness of imperfect humanity.

"Reconnect" challenges the obsession with flawlessness, introducing individuals to the liminal and nonsensical environment to feel imperfectness, reinvigorating its meaning and vitality to humans. These strains[eg. Image 03,04,05] range from the echoing sound in an endlessly expanding and contracting corridor, to the vibrant presence of colorful orbs and the eerie allure of nature reclaiming abandoned spaces, etc. Set within realms where solitude intertwines with lingering traces of existence, these experiences invite an introspective journey into one's imperfections, blending eerie familiarity with the allure of self-discovery. Embracing these moments illuminates the depths of our humanity anew, guiding us to a profound appreciation of the imperfectly perfect nature of our existence.

From the Reconnect website, placing an order requires providing a sample of your human blood to tailor experiences specifically for you. Once prepared, we will arrange private transportation to our Experience Home to start your journey. Detailed information is available on our website. The experiences vary depending on the injection site, targeting your most pronounced sense experience. We look forward to guiding you on this profound journey.

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